The Quilting Grounds – Norwood Young America

The Quilting Grounds opened in 2016 as a quilt fabric and coffee shop.  Because we are really into the fabric, the coffee shop is often overloaded with samples and kits! 

Our fabric collections are extremely eclectic with lots of color and a variety of styles.  (Maybe we lean a little traditional as we don’t have a ton of modern prints/textures). 

Norwood Young America is located just within the MSP metro on the west side – only about 1/2 hour from Eden Prairie on HWY 212. 

If you are having issues figuring out how much fabric you need for a project or need help on how to construct a block, The Quilting Grounds is the place to come.  We offer classes such as Pet Portrait collage, Laura Heine style collage, Bag classes and beginner quilting. 

Everything in the brick and mortar store is also on our web store at (well, you can’t order coffee on line!)