All Minnesota Shop Hop 2022 Magazine Corrections

Please note the following updates to the All Minnesota Shop Hop Magazine

Page 7:  Under Bemidji:  Sadie Rae’s and Willow Wood Market’s addresses and phone numbers are flip flopped.  The correct phone for Sadie Rae’s should be 218-444-2387.

Page 11:  Regional Grand Prizes for the SOUTH and SOUTH CENTRAL Regions are flip flopped.

Page 11:  Gruber’s Quilt Shop Retreat Stay Package is for 4 people.

Page 32: Under background fabric: It should read:  Cut [3] 3″ x WOF strips then subcut [36] 3″ x 3″ squares D

Page 38:  Piecemaker’s Quilt Shop & Cotton Tales Designs ad submission was missing the address.  They are located at 313 State 371 S in Hackensack, MN.  (Their address can also be found on the regional page 29.)

Page 49:  the pin for New Brighton is in the wrong location. It is closer to Minneapolis.  Refer to the correct location on the state map on page 6.

Page 76:  Dragonfly Dreams Retreat Center updated their website and email after magazine printing.  Please make note of NEW information: 
Page 88:  PATTERN CORRECTION.  Step number 6 in the first column should actually be 1.
Under the “FRAMING THE BLOCKS” section in the third paragraph, it refers to a graphic on page 80.  The graphic is actually on page 89.
The diagram for step #6 is incorrect.  Please use the diagram below for reference.  You can also download a copy of the corrected pattern here on our website.